Oak Lawn Public Library’s Author Fair

Are you in the Chicago area? Would you like to meet some authors and pick up some new books directly from the people who wrote them?

The Oak Lawn Public Library will be hosting an author’s fair this Saturday, May 16th 2015 from 9:30am-2pm! Stop by and chat, browse a great library, and maybe purchase some amazing new reads for the summer ahead.

Find out about the writing process during the Ask the Author Panels, with sessions held at 10-11am and 12-1pm.                                 

Participating Authors:

Evelyn Cullet –Mystery/Romance

Paul McAllister – Autobiography

Cleo Lampos – Historical and Women’s Fiction

Helen Macie Osterman – The Emma Winberry Mysteries

Ralph Horner – Paranormal Fiction

Jeff Templin – Short Horror Stories

Jeanne Meeks – Mystery/Adventure

Mike Martin – Mystery/Action

L.  Nahay – Fantasy Fiction (that’s me! I’ll be on the 12pm panel)

Gaile Sprissler – Health

Lydia Ponczak – Mystery

Mitch Karbin – Thriller

Oak Lawn Public Library
9427 Raymond Avenue – Meeting Room “A” (Rotary Room)
Oak Lawn, Ill

Check out mystery writer Evelyn Cullet‘s feature about Red Moonglow on Snow! Do some additional perusing for information on her novels, and her author feature for more reading ideas.


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