Ms. Muse and I

So. Writer’s Block was where I left off last time I was here. I knew what was causing it, and knew I was doing all I could to remedy the primary issue. That’s all I can do.

Well, a little bit wrong.

I sought out my muse. I’d looked for her once years ago, as a ha-ha moment of free-time and amusement. How do people know if they have one? Let’s see if I have a muse……

And I found her. And lots of things changed. RMOS became greater, and my writing became deeper.

It’s been awhile since I’ve recognized her. Acknowledged her.

Our reunion was met with loads of homework and catch-up imaginings. She has been saving some great ideas for me, whenever I remembered to seek her help. And she didn’t unleash them one by one, but as a hailstorm.

Is it about writing? No! Of course not. She’s using my own brand of reverse psychology and making me exercise the other parts of my right-sided brain. I am super grateful that I’m a DIYer. I LOVE projects. I was shopping for new tools last year for a different sort of WIP, and the sales associate helping me commented on how they never end. Projects. No! I said. The problem is when they stop. My DIYness worked into my writing as well, turning me into a self-publisher, self-promoter, self-publicist, and I’m very, very proud of this.

I am also a single mother on a tight budget. Keeping up with recommendations and other authors, there are a ton of things I’m supposed to be having made and giving away. As much as I’d like to do these things, I simply can’t. So, what can I do, and how can I set myself apart from my fellow authors?

That’s right. I’m a DIYer who loves projects. Aside from writing, I can do a little bit of a lot of things. And Ms. Muse wanted me to play with some metal.

Midnight Tomorrow Books Midnight Tomorrow Books Midnight Tomorrow Books Midnight Tomorrow Books

I’ve devoted my adult life thus far to RMOS, and the last year has been devoted to promoting her. The book fairs have been great, but this brought me back to my roots and the joy of creating something. Also, I got to beat the crap out of metal with a hammer and somehow made it beautiful.

Plus, I’m making my own bookmarks!

Midnight Tomorrow Books

They came out amazing. New media and I’m loving it.

Want to see? Come out to one of the book events! Bookmarks (which are awesome and funky and beautiful, by the way) are free with book or jewelry purchase. I’m only making a handful of each jewelry design, and there’s several more in current various stages that’ll make debuts in future shows.

Ms. Muse knows what’s she’s doing. My writer brain took a long-needed mental break. Then felt left out and forgotten, and is going back to being stir-crazy. She had a flash of a new character whose story isn’t yet known (but who is going to wait her turn. I mean it. Many others ahead of her!). Because my writer brain has just been dared with the best incentive EVER……a writers’ retreat in ICELAND. This has been a dream destination for the last couple years.

Super super excited at the opportunity alone!

So, my writerbrain is itchy and getting increasingly anxious for an outlet. Finally. Again. I’m involved in events and selling books and making my own promotional material!

Trust your muse. Ask them for help when you know you need it.


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