Lemons Turned to Stones

A month ago, this weekend was supposed to be the weekend I closed on my house and started the pre-move-in cleanup.

Yep. Not going to happen. All in limbo at the moment. Unexpected flood zone crap.

So, now what?

Well…….I’ll write!

Yep, butt in chair, and finally back to write-mode! Woo hoo! I’ve been waiting for it to kick back in (see my big smile of relief?), and my muse likes to do things gradual-sudden. This year, I’ve done what I was supposed to do, and have been promoting with several author fairs and events. I made some pretty cool bling to go along with RMOS, but summer is over and tis the weather to write. I love this chilly, wet weather when the leaves are changing. New Year’s will be here pretty soon, and that’s Lira’s holiday. I have to have the continuation of her story well nearly-done by the time it approaches.

I re-read the beginning of book two- you know, the one I cried about in my Writer’s Block post- and it’s fine. Better than fine. Not sure why I was so upset before. Thankfully, I knew I was being irrational and did nothing about it! I printed it up last night, all set to rearrange, only it’s FINE.

This morning, I was so excited. I’m writing! To prepare, to help it stick, I decided to have a particular selection of stones to keep at my keyboard. Small little things I can look at or hold when needed. Little reminders of inspiration and encouragement, of where we’re heading. I’ve played with crystals and their meanings here and there through the years, but lately have found that I could use any help possible, and have turned to them more. I have blue lace agate, amazonite, and clear calcite, among others, for communication (which is what story-telling is). Iolite and Blue Lace for manisfestation. Some are meant for enchantment, clarity, inspiration, magic, and success. I also have stones for each character: Lira is Rainbow Moonstone, Karr is Ruby, Nightmare is Obsidian, and Mr. Him is Amethyst. And the qualities of these stones match them perfectly! Some of these prevent emotional burnout and keep energy flowing (great when you’re writing!!), and there’s also Dragon’s Eye, cause, duh. It’s also reddish and is an energizing stone and is big enough and is shaped to just hold, like a worry stone. The first time I picked it up, it got so warm.


There’s my stones 🙂

I was supposed to have a home, in which case I’d be horrifically busy for the next couple months. So, rather than worry or worse, just keep waiting, I’m turning the time into something useful, into a relief. With some pretty things to guide me along! It’s my new philosophy: only pretty things allowed.

(I’m writing, I’m writing….!)


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