Breath Between Seconds


My short story, Breath Between Seconds, was accepted into a fantasy anthology via IWSG and Dancing Lemur Press!

I very almost didn’t participate. The theme is Lost Heroes. The picture above almost kinda conveys my take on it. When people think of fantasy, they think of Tolkien-esque, medieval style battles. Glory and victory and sacrifice and all that (loud, manly grunt followed by chest thumping. Grrrr).

But what of those who did the sacrifice part. Are they thinking about glory and victory? How do they welcome their death? In the end, do they agree with their decision?

And seriously, people, not all soldiers are male. Shame on you.

The other authors and I are contriving a strategic plot to promote the book. Stay tuned for some meet and greets, a release date, and a cover reveal!


6 thoughts on “Breath Between Seconds

  1. Love your thoughts on this image. My story is a bit of a play on that stereotype, with a reluctant dragon-slayer who would rather be a bard. (I did write from a male perspective, but just because that’s how I imagined him first off.)

  2. Good to know more about your story in the anthology. All this cyber-storm of planning for the marketing for our anthology is beginning to make me understand Olga’s feelings though.

    1. Yes! It was chaotic for those first few days! It’s calmed down a little, especially now that we’ve got an actual timeline that isn’t quite so immediate.

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