Uncover Me

You know what, if there was ever a more appropriate time for a book full of heroes, it is NOW. Because, despite the darkness of our newsfeed, the strongest stories that have come out about our new reality is the fact that everyday people are doing what they can to keep things right. They are standing up for all those currently being attacked, women and Mexicans yesterday, Muslims today, undoubtedly someone new tomorrow. And for that, they are heroes.

So, introducing, the cover for Hero Lost!


My co-authors and I are currently getting our marketing together for our May 2nd release (Woohoo!), and part of that is interviewing each other for future posts, as most of us are bloggers. I finally went through the email responses I’ve received over the last week, and these people- my people- are amazing, insightful, and brilliant. So far, our stories are of many different facets within What is Fantasy, with witches, dragons, quests, strange beings, regrets, Death, and technofantasy.

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog series Writers of Lost Heroes, and meet my fellow authors.


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