With. Stand.

I see grass and trees: tall, solitary things that can pull themselves back upright after being trampled, or hold their ground in raging floods and gale-force winds. Beaten dogs who still wag their tails and premature babies whose thumbprint hearts beat strong and steady. Withstand. With. Stand. You are with Stand. Suddenly, not so isolated, […]



There was gold in the tree looking nervous and alone Dripping through the green like a neglected candle like a melted crayon frozen mid run- caught Quietly, it whispered secrets with the cold uncoiling in the air The buildings whine that mornings now rouse them with quiet and with dark The birds are too busy […]

Sun Unaware

The sun caught me unaware grilling cheese thinking it was only March He stretched through the window and laughed when I jumped The pets have been fighting for the bed drenched in light and I saw and smiled but quickly hurried on thinking it was only March Awakened, now, I look closer and the buds […]

And the Water

And the water she calls to me, saying Daughter, come here daughter, stay here I descend into¬†depths cold clear as ice and I whisper back Mother, I am here The Trees they call to me, saying Daughter, come here daughter, stay here My hand upon their bark rough smooth we touch and I whisper back […]