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Mini-Interview: Nameless

Author Olga Godim interviewed my character in ‘Breath Between Seconds’ for our upcoming release of Hero Lost: Mysteries of Death and Life, a fantasy anthology about lost heros!

Hero Lost: Mysteries of Death and Life

bubble_knightinterview3Our IWSG anthology, Hero Lost: Mysteries of Death and Life, includes 12 tales of heroes lost or fallen, struggling or bewildered, living in fantasy worlds or in our own. Some of them agreed to have a mini-interview on this blog.

My next guest is a nameless young woman, a lieutenant from Lesleigh Nahay’s story Breath Between Seconds.

Tell me about yourself—name, profession, home, family, the usual.

Why? Who would care about me?

How did you end up in this crazy adventure your story talks about?

Adventure? There is a war. Death and blood and battle for the last eight and a half years. It is my honor to defend my House in its endeavors to make us better and stronger. My House wishes to increase our holdings for the benefit of its people. The area in question lays vacant. Its inhabitants are gone. Dead. Why leave its…

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Uncover Me

You know what, if there was ever a more appropriate time for a book full of heroes, it is NOW. Because, despite the darkness of our newsfeed, the strongest stories that have come out about our new reality is the fact that everyday people are doing what they can to keep things right. They are standing up for all those currently being attacked, women and Mexicans yesterday, Muslims today, undoubtedly someone new tomorrow. And for that, they are heroes.

So, introducing, the cover for Hero Lost!


My co-authors and I are currently getting our marketing together for our May 2nd release (Woohoo!), and part of that is interviewing each other for future posts, as most of us are bloggers. I finally went through the email responses I’ve received over the last week, and these people- my people- are amazing, insightful, and brilliant. So far, our stories are of many different facets within What is Fantasy, with witches, dragons, quests, strange beings, regrets, Death, and technofantasy.

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog series Writers of Lost Heroes, and meet my fellow authors.

Breath Between Seconds


My short story, Breath Between Seconds, was accepted into a fantasy anthology via IWSG and Dancing Lemur Press!

I very almost didn’t participate. The theme is Lost Heroes. The picture above almost kinda conveys my take on it. When people think of fantasy, they think of Tolkien-esque, medieval style battles. Glory and victory and sacrifice and all that (loud, manly grunt followed by chest thumping. Grrrr).

But what of those who did the sacrifice part. Are they thinking about glory and victory? How do they welcome their death? In the end, do they agree with their decision?

And seriously, people, not all soldiers are male. Shame on you.

The other authors and I are contriving a strategic plot to promote the book. Stay tuned for some meet and greets, a release date, and a cover reveal!