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  My new publicity flyer! I am far from settling in post-move, yet diving head first (back) into promotion.  It would have been great to have done this ealier, but that was unfortunately impossible. Understory is also a new favorite word. It refers to the vegetation that grows on the forest floor. It is a great […]


Red Moonglow on Snow (pt 4)

For pt 1, click here For pt 2, click here For pt 3, click here pt 4: Something about the ‘drawing in and smothering of life’ tugs at me. Something Mom had said, but it was during……it was during The Void…… His chest propels air in short, quick bursts of hot steam. Like breath upon […]

Red Moonglow on Snow (pt 3)

For pt 1, click here For pt 2, click here pt 3: My body jumps up and charges without a shout or sound. The Soldiers and unicorns freeze, confused. Prey don’t attack. I run straight for the unicorn and Soldier directly before me, leaping up and driving the dagger into the Soldier’s side before he […]

Red Moonglow on Snow (pt 2)

For part one, click here pt 2: For several heartbeats, I sit paralyzed, trying to bridge the distance between The Alcove and here, trying to remember the journey, trying to comprehend. The whispers that had carried me to the lake trail on the air, carrying His promise back to me: ……I’m taking you Home. In […]

Red Moonglow On Snow (pt 1)

1 For a brief moment, I believe that I lay in The Alcove, our small clearing within a cluster of trees by Lake Mish-a-gun, back in That Night I’d shared with Him. But the waves of the lake are slamming against the inside of my head as though the water has turned to metal and […]