Lemons Turned to Stones

A month ago, this weekend was supposed to be the weekend I closed on my house and started the pre-move-in cleanup. Yep. Not going to happen. All in limbo at the moment. Unexpected flood zone crap. So, now what? Well…….I’ll write! Yep, butt in chair, and finally back to write-mode! Woo hoo! I’ve been waiting […]

Chicago Book Expo!

Coming November 21, 2015! If you’re in the area, head out to Columbia College (a liberal arts college I wish I had the time and money to attend). Instead, I’ll be part of their upcoming book expo and fair! Source: ChicagoBookExpo.org


This is so weird. I am super anxious and antsy tonight. I published my short story, THE DRYAD last week. Two things out! It seems to have burst open a damn. My head’s a little overcrowded with characters wanting their stories told. Of course they do, because I want to work on book two, but […]