To See, Or To Heal. That is the question

I was planning on posting my second Hero Lost interview today, but I can’t sleep and need to process through something else. Working in the veterinary field, I had this very optimistic, trusting viewpoint of medicine as a whole, human medicine included. Then I started getting old, and falling apart, and needing medical help. Instead […]

Stunned Written Silence

Oh. My. Gods (and -esses). I’m writing. On a computer. On. Freakin’. Line. This is monumental and sooooo long in coming. I had to buy a new computer. Stay tuned, I’m enormously behind in everything, and everything is still locked inside my beloved Other computer. -L  

Like a Woman anthology

Originally posted on Steamdragon's Lair:
Like a Woman: An anthology of speculative fiction inspired by women, would like to invite authors to submit stories for publication. All submissions need to be in the speculative fiction genre and reflect the theme- like a woman. This includes fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, horror, steampunk, dystopian, etc. If…

Uncover Me

You know what, if there was ever a more appropriate time for a book full of heroes, it is NOW. Because, despite the darkness of our newsfeed, the strongest stories that have come out about our new reality is the fact that everyday people are doing what they can to keep things right. They are standing […]

But I Can’t

I’m supposed to be writing my cheerful cover release post about my upcoming anthology (which I’m truly, genuinely thrilled about), but I can’t. Actually, I’m supposed to HAVE written my cover release post. I’m a week behind. But I can’t. I’m glued to my phone, watching my world unfurl. Watching my children’s world, their future, […]