Something’s pointedly not being addressed in these communities, and it’s beginning to create a logical backlash, yet everyone’s shifting focus, and racism is kept alive.

Home Bike Eye

  I don’t know what it means, this scrap of paper I’d found taped to the door when I came home from school this afternoon. No one else was home. The thin strip looks like it had been pulled out of the trash as an after-thought. It’s got some tell-tale crumpling that had to have […]

Don’t Let it Happen Again

Friday night= pizza and a movie night for the boys and I. They requested Poltergeist (the remake), but it wasn’t there, so I brought home Woman in Gold. I remember my WWII phase. If ‘phase’ is an appropriate term. I read everything I could find. It horrified me that such a thing had happened. A […]

Ms. Muse and I

So. Writer’s Block was where I left off last time I was here. I knew what was causing it, and knew I was doing all I could to remedy the primary issue. That’s all I can do. Well, a little bit wrong. I sought out my muse. I’d looked for her once years ago, as a […]