Makin’ A Movie!

I’m still working on the book trailer.  Grr. Tried PowerPoint.  Was ok.  Tried Windows Movie Maker.  Ok.  Decided to give Adobe another shot.  Downlaoded a trial and just kept using it. Bought the program and have worked on it for weeks.  Finally finished last week after finding the last few needed slides.  Yay! Went to […]

Show…? Tell….? Wha?…..

As writers, we’re constantly told to ‘Show, don’t tell’. Stereotypically, or maybe just me, we tend on the introverted side. Put this together, and you’ll get massive conflictions when someone cheerfully asks: “Hey! What’s your book about?” “Um. I don’t know (can’t you just read it?)– Hey! How was your weekend?!” Deflection and avoidance. Character […]

Adobe Ate My Logo!

I played with a trial version of Adobe and created my publishing logo a few months back. Now, trying to get together a new website along with my cover art, I find that I can’t open it! Contact with tech support reveals that I’d have to pay for a monthly membership in order to continue […]