Make It Better

This year has not started off well. Suni, my 12 year old pit bull, started limping right after Christmas. As there was no reason for it, I knew that it was cancer. Unfortunately my fear was correct. She did not make the six month prognosis, and we had to say goodbye in March. And then […]


The Pet-Child Enrichment

It has been studied and well-documented that pets are good for your health. They can help people stay calm, they add years to your life. Some nursing homes are finally allowing either pets or resident animals to live┬áinside the facility to add enrichment to the residents’ lives; after Katrina, the depth of the person-pet bond […]

Is It Bee or Beaver? Who Came Up With That, Anyway?

Busy Busy. And not ranting. The last post was meant to be cathartic and slightly ha-ha for those of you grateful you don’t live here ­čÖé I’ve been in a huge reading mood. I completed a marathon of the last three Sookie┬áStackhouse books. She ended the series perfectly. I am so happy! Now all is […]