Not. More. Formatting!!

Dear god, I thought I was done! Uploaded my book into Kindle and all the formatting is wrong. I hate line breaks between paragraphs, and somehow, they’re in there. Plus, some paragraph starts don’t have any indents. RRR. Then their site crashed, and I couldn’t do anything further. Instead, I went to Smashwords to upload […]

Can I Have Some Pie With Those Words?

      This is me, eating my words. My last review, Book Publishing Book Reviews, I mentioned trying a sample of The Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing for Profit! by C. Pinheiro, Nick Russell, and Cynthia Sherwood. I called it gimicky and overly happy and non-believable- which those sample chapters were. But, during the week while […]

Book Publishing Book Reviews!

Oh no! I’m down to my last carmel. And yes, it’s pronounced carmel, not caramel, regardless of how it’s spelled. I love my kindle. No, I’m not going through an ADD spurt right now. But I love my kindle because it enables me to read on the go and no matter how many books I add […]


Sorry. Change of plans. As I’ve decided to go more in-depth than I’d planned with self-publishing, I’m removing my Him segment(s). Turns out, He has way more to say than I thought, and writing his side is coming out pretty fantastic. He has been way more active than I was aware. This was supposed to […]

All In A Name…..

Ug….I’m back to doubting my title. My head is ready to explode. This is maybe where traditional publishing would work, unless I absolutely hate whatever they come up with, in which case, it would go back to sucking once again, and my head would explode and I’d cry and be miserable because their title is […]