Stop It!

I have been so good lately. On target, focused, AND getting my whole long list done. I might even be able to go to print early! My cover is done (until I open it and make that one more tiny little tweek….tiny…..). I’m going through the book one trully final time to be absolutely recently positive […]

I Write…..

Thoughts tumble out as we move, like ghosts in the air desperate to be seen. Loose and aimless, crying to not just be written, but read. To be seen, spoken, heard. Touched by eyes, by the sweep of a rapt finger. Scenes and faces sparked to life in other minds, attached to other perceptions and emotions, […]

Worlds Away

Friday nights are our movie and pizza nights, except the boys were at my sister’s house last week for spring break, so I got free reign on what I watched. Yay! Picked Cirque Du Soleil‘s Worlds Away movie. I felt like something dreamy and visual, and as I can’t afford to go to an actual […]


I’d decided to shut down my blog as it’s not serving a purpose for me. I don’t seem to write anything pertinent or helpful to others, so these words aren’t fulfilling their function. It’s entirely selfish; all about me. Yet look- I am here. I started a new job last December, and with that came […]