Vector Drawing (InkScape Review)

  I got to my first break in scene in the new book, Steam! Yay! Now what? I entered in the typical *. And sat and stared at it, unable to write further. I love stars. Used Shift + 8 for RMOS and it worked. Really should work in Steam, given some settings and themes. But […]

Allow Me To Be Useful

Sick today. Ugg. Inbetween utter uselessness and brain-fogged-ness, I attempted to get some stuff accomplished. First, I discovered some things this week you might enjoy: Hub spot. It’s a blog about marketing. In the last week or so, they’ve written about how to format QR codes, how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool, using […]

What I Learned About Self-Publishing Last Week…..

I think last week classifies as being pretty amazing. I gave a pretty detailed- and very long (sorry!)- blog a couple of days ago, so I won’t repeat. But if I could sum it up and give advice to someone else, here’s a little: 1. I wish I knew about formatting and interior book design well before […]

A Baby Without a Belly Button

The more I delve and read, the more delving and reading I seem to need. The last few weeks I’ve scoured blogs and websites looking for a cover art designer, and chose 99designs. I really like the concept of (hopefully) having several artists submit their ideas for my cover. It seems to boost their careers […]

There’s a Book Designer for That!

I visited SpeakHappiness’ blog today, and saw that she’d mentioned having an interior book designer. This was a complete shock- with a hefty shiny-new-toy-like curiosity quickly taking over. A designer for the inside of your book? Why for? I left her a comment wanting to know more, and lo and behold, Facebook left me Jane […]