Stop It!

I have been so good lately. On target, focused, AND getting my whole long list done.¬†I might even be able to go to print early! My cover is done (until I open it and make that one more tiny little tweek….tiny…..). I’m going through the book one trully final time to be absolutely recently positive […]

Show…? Tell….? Wha?…..

As writers, we’re constantly told to ‘Show, don’t tell’. Stereotypically, or maybe just me, we tend on the introverted side. Put this together, and you’ll get massive conflictions when someone cheerfully asks: “Hey! What’s your book about?” “Um. I don’t know (can’t you just read it?)– Hey! How was your weekend?!” Deflection and avoidance. Character […]

The God of Small Things

I haven’t done a book review in awhile! I found this one inside a Starbucks that has a neighborhood book-swap-in-a-box. I haven’t read an actual book in a really long time, either! I’ve become a digital convert, so it was especially nice to slip back into old-fashioned nostalgia. The book was covered in at least […]

Go Format My Margins!

Yay! I got my exclamations back! Today is the day to get back to work. I’ve taken something of a summer break. My book has encompassed my life and thoughts and time for about all of my adult years, and after finishing the final¬†writing and editing, I had to take a mental break and stabilize […]

Don’t Shoot!……Shoot!

I found some Def Leppard CD’s at the local Disc Replay (so happy!), and even though it’s not one of my favorites, a segment of Don’t Shoot Shotgun has been on repeat in my head. This, somehow, has made me go back to the topic of target audiences. (Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right) I’m […]

A Baby Without a Belly Button

The more I delve and read, the more delving and reading I seem to need. The last few weeks I’ve scoured blogs and websites looking for a cover art designer, and chose 99designs. I really like the concept of (hopefully) having several artists submit their ideas for my cover. It seems to boost their careers […]

There’s a Book Designer for That!

I visited SpeakHappiness’ blog today, and saw that she’d mentioned having an interior book designer. This was a complete shock- with a hefty shiny-new-toy-like curiosity quickly taking over. A designer for the inside of your book? Why for? I left her a comment wanting to know more, and lo and behold, Facebook left me Jane […]