Home is Where…..

(reblogged from Midnight Tomorrow Books, with permission from me) From the beginning, I wanted┬áRed Moonglow On Snow┬ánames to be fairly bland as Lira’s, Elaar’s, and Talyn’s stories are large and weighty enough. But calling their country, their world, nothing but Home is far from being a simple, absense-of- creativity pick. That one word is pretty […]

Antisocial Me

So much going on that I had to step away from blogging for awhile, and possibly awhile longer. What did Word Press do while I’ve been gone? The format of my dashboard is funky. I do not like it. After nearly a month of house hunting, I’ve been brought to the conclusion that all houses […]

Ode to Chicago Drivers…..

The right side of a one and a half lane street is NOT for passing the suckers who actually stop at stop signs (and lights). Yes way! They are completely mandatory stops! The fact that you pulled aside for an ambulance does not mean you get to run the red light to make up for […]