What The Bank!?

Holy crap! I researched some banks today in regards to opening a small account for my new (self) publishing business! Yay! Look- there’s my exclamations! They’ve returned! I fantasize about becoming world-renowned and banking millions as an overnight success, same as everyone else, but I’m slightly sure it might not turn out that way. I’ll sacrifice some personal […]

Antisocial Me

So much going on that I had to step away from blogging for awhile, and possibly awhile longer. What did Word Press do while I’ve been gone? The format of my dashboard is funky. I do not like it. After nearly a month of house hunting, I’ve been brought to the conclusion that all houses […]

Crazy on You…..

Ug. I’m antsy since last night. Went to my PO box yesterday and there was my letter from the state regarding my DBA application! Problem is that it’s dated the 4th of June, and I have 15 days from that date to make my first public notification of my new brand name. Newspaper is closed […]