Dracula (re)UnTold

There are not a whole lot of movies I repeat watch. George of the Jungle was the first. My stepdaughter was six and brought it over, and I was just not in the mood. Then she went home, and I was bored, and it was there. I laughed so hard, I rewound it (before the […]

Dracula vs. X-Men (movie reviews)

  VS       Whoa. That’s an interesting concept. Dracula v., like, Wolverine. Though I’m already leery of the whole Superman vs. Batman thing. I get into debates about it with a guy at work. I’ve been given the cartoons to watch and I’m kinda stalling on my homework. And we have a bet. […]

Thank You for Shooting Him!

I need to go on a bit of a TV Show rant.  I mean ‘Review’. First up, Beauty and the Beast! My absolute favorite fairy tale. They may have borrowed the names of the title characters from the original 1980’s version, but that’s slightly ok, as it’s a favorite name. So let me repeat: Thank […]