What is Fantasy?

I sat on my first author panel last Saturday, and it was a really pleasant, enjoyable experience. But an interesting and embarrassing thing happened before it started, and this is actually the second time the question has popped up. I am the only one in my writer’s group that writes fantasy, and I was also […]

Book Signing Preparations!

I had another good morning with my writers’ group today. Suspense and mystery writers abound, and it’s pretty fascinating! I am not sure what they think of me. I was trying to explain what Steampunk was as a lead-in to my other WIP. And my fantasy stories are not filled with fluffy cute unicorns (haha). Our […]

Available Now (!)

  My new publicity flyer! I am far from settling in post-move, yet diving head first (back) into promotion.  It would have been great to have done this ealier, but that was unfortunately impossible. Understory is also a new favorite word. It refers to the vegetation that grows on the forest floor. It is a great […]

Nod to the Men (writers)

After going through the classics all up through high school, I could not find a single male author I liked. I do keep trying, yet invariably stop part way through each book. Writing is horrible, or just so technical that it stops being a novel. Plots are bad. And if a woman is involved in […]

Best Read Books of 2013

(alphabetical order, except for Daughter, which was my favorite): Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and, Days of Blood and Starlight  by Laini Taylor book three out in April!! The Dark Citadel by Jane Dougherty (Indie) A Death Displaced by Andrew Butcher (Indie)  The Dollmaker by L. E. Gay (Indie) The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman God of Small Things by Arundhahti Roy The Night Circus by […]


I have absolutely no idea what to do now. It’s really very funny. Got my EIN number today. Uploaded my covers to CreateSpace and Kindle Wednesday. Um…..both print and ebook files are done. Holy F’n crap…….did I say done? Yea. No idea what to do now. I wandered the house aimlessly. Watched Scandal- I watched […]