I have absolutely no idea what to do now. It’s really very funny. Got my EIN number today. Uploaded my covers to CreateSpace and Kindle Wednesday. Um…..both print and ebook files are done. Holy F’n crap…….did I say done? Yea. No idea what to do now. I wandered the house aimlessly. Watched Scandal- I watched […]

Red Moonglow on Snow (pt 2)

For part one, click here pt 2: For several heartbeats, I sit paralyzed, trying to bridge the distance between The Alcove and here, trying to remember the journey, trying to comprehend. The whispers that had carried me to the lake trail on the air, carrying His promise back to me: ……I’m taking you Home. In […]

Red Moonglow On Snow (pt 1)

1 For a brief moment, I believe that I lay in The Alcove, our small clearing within a cluster of trees by Lake Mish-a-gun, back in That Night I’d shared with Him. But the waves of the lake are slamming against the inside of my head as though the water has turned to metal and […]


After I stopped thinking and agonizing, my book’s new title finally settled into place: Red Moonglow on Snow. It alludes to a night my protagonist thinks about constantly, and clings to even when she tries to deny how important it still is. Also, I have a possible book cover in mind when I think of […]