How My Garden’s Grown

Yay! One project done! (Though anything relating to a garden is never done, I’m learning!) Somewhere last week, while searching for more ways to use my garden, I came across this quote by Theodore Roosevelt: “Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are.” Of course, I can’t find where I found it. […]

What’s a Little Water?

Part Three of after! Here’s my before: The concrete area is pretty well taken care of. However, there’s that area under the tree (Cherry blossom? Embarrasingly, I haven’t devoted any time to looking it up for ID). I threw a bunch of things in the spot under it; you can’t see it well but it’s […]

Here Starts the After!

You remember my before? Here starts the after! I bought a red outdoor carpet at Target. Because it’s red. Surely you have book-clubbed up regarding Red Moonglow on Snow, and realize the importance of the color? I knew you had! 🙂 I found the off-set umbrella at Aldi. Yes, Aldi. For the majority of my life, […]

Well, That Was Before……

      So, this is the back of my rental house: This space became my project this year. Oh, how I miss projects! I was at a home improvement store gathering tools and prices for another project, and the guy helping me complained how they never end. No, the problem is when they do, […]

It All Comes to a Tea

I have been awaiting my food dehydrator rather obsessively- it took a week from Amazon! Longest domestic ship time ever! Meanwhile, Chicago’s turned into the Amazon and my tea garden has exploded. I need to preserve those leaves before the new growth forces them out! My lemon thyme was the first volunteer. Badly lopsided and […]

Phase….Um…..Lost count

  I know myself well enough to not fight the phases. Anyone else go through creative shifts? Like my bus home last week (picture above, the one in flames) you gotta just let it go. I was on a roll last year. Writing and editing and finally publishing. Started this year off with some promoting, […]