Allow Me To Be Useful

Sick today. Ugg. Inbetween utter uselessness and brain-fogged-ness, I attempted to get some stuff accomplished. First, I discovered some things this week you might enjoy: Hub spot. It’s a blog about marketing. In the last week or so, they’ve written about how to format QR codes, how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool, using […]

I Misplaced My Exclamation….

Finally, my Doing Business As certificate came in. My publishing brand is official. If you are wondering about the lack of exclamation marks, well, so am I. I am exhausted at the moment. I’ve been focusing all my remaining after-work energy into house-hunting, which sucks a little. So need a house, but it’s pulling me […]

Can I Have Some Pie With Those Words?

      ThisĀ is me, eating my words. My last review, Book Publishing Book Reviews, I mentioned trying a sample of The Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing for Profit! by C. Pinheiro, Nick Russell, and Cynthia Sherwood. I called it gimicky and overly happy and non-believable- which those sample chapters were. But, during the week while […]