Available Now (!)

  My new publicity flyer! I am far from settling in post-move, yet diving head first (back) into promotion.  It would have been great to have done this ealier, but that was unfortunately impossible. Understory is also a new favorite word. It refers to the vegetation that grows on the forest floor. It is a great […]

What’s My Point Again?

I commented on an answer given on Hope, Honor, and Happiness’ blog post, Goal of an Author. The author was asked ‘what is the main point you want readers to get from your story (Kingdom of the Sun)? She gave a really eloquent and beautiful answer, and I had to say so! It made me think, ‘Well, […]

All In A Name…..

Ug….I’m back to doubting my title. My head is ready to explode. This is maybe where traditional publishing would work, unless I absolutely hate whatever they come up with, in which case, it would go back to sucking once again, and my head would explode and I’d cry and be miserable because their title is […]