Dracula (re)UnTold

There are not a whole lot of movies I repeat watch. George of the Jungle was the first. My stepdaughter was six and brought it over, and I was just not in the mood. Then she went home, and I was bored, and it was there. I laughed so hard, I rewound it (before the […]

Dracula vs. X-Men (movie reviews)

  VS       Whoa. That’s an interesting concept. Dracula v., like, Wolverine. Though I’m already leery of the whole Superman vs. Batman thing. I get into debates about it with a guy at work. I’ve been given the cartoons to watch and I’m kinda stalling on my homework. And we have a bet. […]

Worlds Away

Friday nights are our movie and pizza nights, except the boys were at my sister’s house last week for spring break, so I got free reign on what I watched. Yay! Picked Cirque Du Soleil‘s Worlds Away movie. I felt like something dreamy and visual, and as I can’t afford to go to an actual […]