Sun Unaware

The sun caught me unaware grilling cheese thinking it was only March He stretched through the window and laughed when I jumped The pets have been fighting for the bed drenched in light and I saw and smiled but quickly hurried on thinking it was only March Awakened, now, I look closer and the buds […]

April, Poetry, and iTunes

I’m new to iPods and iTunes. I’ve had, loved (and miss) my Zune and Creative Zen. But somehow, iPod has become cheaper. Can’t say I like the software. I don’t find it nearly as user friendly as Zen’s or Zune’s. And I still buy my music from Amazon and my apps from Google. Anyway, decided […]

Femme Couverte

The instance in which I’d be a femme couverte is never except lying encompassed and entangled with you My existence is not denied me but shared strengthened admired and gratified as I yours and you Your weight upon mine is not one of chains and bars but liberation Hand upon my hip does not hinder mouth […]