Oh, My Love

I feel so good and carefree this week. Weightless. I’m not agonizing over stats or buys or reviews. I’m reading, watching TV, relaxing with my boys. My work is finally floating out in the world. It’s the most amazing concept, that someone I don’t know somewhere is opening the pages I created. I’m feeling a […]

Wait! I Have (a) Proof!

“This book I wish to open and close….” That wall in the picture is my storyboard with a few of my sketches.  The two secondary-characters I am showing off to are exclaiming expletives relative to ‘Good-God, it’s about damn time!’ Rushing out to work this morning and there it was, my box from CreateSpace, one […]

Publishing Books, A Review!

I began this week with Writer’s Market Guide to Getting Published. I read through it really quickly, found it very easy to assimulate, and filled up several pages of paper with websites, more books to reference, ideas, great tips, and a better understanding of how to build a platform (and what it is!). There’s also […]