Go Format My Margins!

Yay! I got my exclamations back! Today is the day to get back to work. I’ve taken something of a summer break. My book has encompassed my life and thoughts and time for about all of my adult years, and after finishing the final writing and editing, I had to take a mental break and stabilize […]

What The Bank!?

Holy crap! I researched some banks today in regards to opening a small account for my new (self) publishing business! Yay! Look- there’s my exclamations! They’ve returned! I fantasize about becoming world-renowned and banking millions as an overnight success, same as everyone else, but I’m slightly sure it might not turn out that way. I’ll sacrifice some personal […]

I Misplaced My Exclamation….

Finally, my Doing Business As certificate came in. My publishing brand is official. If you are wondering about the lack of exclamation marks, well, so am I. I am exhausted at the moment. I’ve been focusing all my remaining after-work energy into house-hunting, which sucks a little. So need a house, but it’s pulling me […]

Antisocial Me

So much going on that I had to step away from blogging for awhile, and possibly awhile longer. What did Word Press do while I’ve been gone? The format of my dashboard is funky. I do not like it. After nearly a month of house hunting, I’ve been brought to the conclusion that all houses […]