My Brain is Crying

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who is reading, liking, and/or following me! You brighten my day! My main time to read everyone’s blogging journeys in-kind is during my morning commutes. My phone, however, is being a brat and won’t allow me to like, follow or comment. I need a tablet. More […]

What I Learned About Self-Publishing Last Week…..

I think last week classifies as being pretty amazing. I gave a pretty detailed-¬†and very long (sorry!)- blog a couple of days ago, so I won’t repeat. But if I could sum it up and give advice to someone else, here’s a little: 1. I wish I knew about formatting and interior book design¬†well before […]

A Baby Without a Belly Button

The more I delve and read, the more delving and reading I seem to need. The last few weeks I’ve scoured blogs and websites looking for a cover art designer, and chose 99designs. I really like the concept of (hopefully) having several artists submit their ideas for my cover. It seems to boost their careers […]


After I stopped thinking and agonizing, my book’s new title finally settled into place: Red Moonglow on Snow. It alludes to a night my protagonist thinks about constantly, and clings to even when she tries to deny how important it still is. Also, I have a possible book cover in mind when I think of […]

Tomato, tomatoe

I googled myself today, to get an idea about what shows up, as, you know, when I hit the NY Times’ Best Seller list I want to already know what people will find, and if they’ll go where I need them to if they want more info. Apparently I have a MySpace page. I don’t […]