Fractured Mode

I was very excited to see that a fourth book of a Piers Anthony series I had read as a child had been published a few years ago (see original blog post here). I remember reading the Mode books, and that I’d liked them! I remember all the characters’ names, their quirks, and the general […]

It’s Officially Hereditary

Parent Teacher conferences last Tuesday! And my voracious reader/budding writer got C’s in both those subjects. I was trying to be cool parent, but I broke. I turned to him and said, “Really? Come on! In Reading and Writing??” C’s happen when you forget- every week- to turn in your assignments. Apparently. Course, I was […]

Is It Bee or Beaver? Who Came Up With That, Anyway?

Busy Busy. And not ranting. The last post was meant to be cathartic and slightly ha-ha for those of you grateful you don’t live here 🙂 I’ve been in a huge reading mood. I completed a marathon of the last three Sookie Stackhouse books. She ended the series perfectly. I am so happy! Now all is […]