In The Midst…….

This is pretty horrible. I haven’t posted since October. I hadn’t realized it had been so bad around my end for that long. Ouch. WordPress is completely different! I’ll have to explore the new updates. Took me awhile to figure out how to write a new post! But! My computer is FINALLY out of boxes […]

Phase….Um…..Lost count

  I know myself well enough to not fight the phases. Anyone else go through creative shifts? Like my bus home last week (picture above, the one in flames) you gotta just let it go. I was on a roll last year. Writing and editing and finally publishing. Started this year off with some promoting, […]

Oh, The Writer’s Curse….

(Written March 31st, 2014)   Where do I even begin? I think the point is moreso just beginning. Again. It feels so strange and so….finally….to be sitting at my computer again. Typing! On the internet! I moved myself into a house in February- finally! It’s been a very long, torturous last three years……and this move […]

Antisocial Me

So much going on that I had to step away from blogging for awhile, and possibly awhile longer. What did Word Press do while I’ve been gone? The format of my dashboard is funky. I do not like it. After nearly a month of house hunting, I’ve been brought to the conclusion that all houses […]