Not. More. Formatting!!

Dear god, I thought I was done! Uploaded my book into Kindle and all the formatting is wrong. I hate line breaks between paragraphs, and somehow, they’re in there. Plus, some paragraph starts don’t have any indents. RRR. Then their site crashed, and I couldn’t do anything further. Instead, I went to Smashwords to upload […]


Crazy on You…..

Ug. I’m antsy since last night. Went to my PO box yesterday and there was my letter from the state regarding my DBA application! Problem is that it’s dated the 4th of June, and I have 15 days from that date to make my first public notification of my new brand name. Newspaper is closed […]

My Brain is Crying

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who is reading, liking, and/or following me! You brighten my day! My main time to read everyone’s blogging journeys in-kind is during my morning commutes. My phone, however, is being a brat and won’t allow me to like, follow or comment. I need a tablet. More […]

Book Publishing Book Reviews!

Oh no! I’m down to my last carmel. And yes, it’s pronounced carmel, not caramel, regardless of how it’s spelled. I love my kindle. No, I’m not going through an ADD spurt right now. But I love my kindle because it enables me to read on the go and no matter how many books I add […]

What I Learned About Self-Publishing Last Week…..

I think last week classifies as being pretty amazing. I gave a pretty detailed- and very long (sorry!)- blog a couple of days ago, so I won’t repeat. But if I could sum it up and give advice to someone else, here’s a little: 1. I wish I knew about formatting and interior book design well before […]