Nod to the Men (writers)

After going through the classics all up through high school, I could not find a single male author I liked. I do keep trying, yet invariably stop part way through each book. Writing is horrible, or just so technical that it stops being a novel. Plots are bad. And if a woman is involved in […]

Red Moonglow On Snow (pt 1)

1 For a brief moment, I believe that I lay in The Alcove, our small clearing within a cluster of trees by Lake Mish-a-gun, back in That Night I’d shared with Him. But the waves of the lake are slamming against the inside of my head as though the water has turned to metal and […]

Yes Indeed!

I think it might be done. The new I’m a Self Publisher! website! No. That is absolutely not the title. My impatience came out while waiting for my logo to be reopened. I found a free program (Inkscape) and started a redraw. A mid-night “I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing-or-how-to- make-this-work-and-I-don’t-care-and-it’s-all-crap- Wait…..What did I do?” turned into something awesome. The […]

Superhero Vs. Literature……

I shut off my computer after my last post, feeling pouty, and realized that I was wearing my superman tee-shirt. Found that ironic, since I was having a ‘Chivalry is Dead Day’. The irony didn’t really help, cause I decided to sleep in that shirt to make me feel better. Still not helping. I love […]