Proof of Nothing. Yet.

Proof number two came in from Lulu! (Number one was from CreateSpace) Still, I’m not happy. This is why it’s so important to get your proofs before you officially publish. My cover looks fantastic on my computer. But somewhere along the way, it keeps getting distorted. I altered the cover a little (again) to see […]


I Am Such A Girl

I uploaded my book into Smashwords! Pre-release for December 14th!! I am sitting here with my phone, my Sam(sung tablet), my computer, and my iPod, each with a version of an ebook proof, and I am so giddy and slightly uncomprehendingly-overwhelmed that I want to cry big-girl tears and do some happy-happy-joy-joy type dancing! I […]

Wait! I Have (a) Proof!

“This book I wish to open and close….” That wall in the picture is my storyboard with a few of my sketches.  The two secondary-characters I am showing off to are exclaiming expletives relative to ‘Good-God, it’s about damn time!’ Rushing out to work this morning and there it was, my box from CreateSpace, one […]

Not. More. Formatting!!

Dear god, I thought I was done! Uploaded my book into Kindle and all the formatting is wrong. I hate line breaks between paragraphs, and somehow, they’re in there. Plus, some paragraph starts don’t have any indents. RRR. Then their site crashed, and I couldn’t do anything further. Instead, I went to Smashwords to upload […]

Makin’ A Movie!

I’m still working on the book trailer.  Grr. Tried PowerPoint.  Was ok.  Tried Windows Movie Maker.  Ok.  Decided to give Adobe another shot.  Downlaoded a trial and just kept using it. Bought the program and have worked on it for weeks.  Finally finished last week after finding the last few needed slides.  Yay! Went to […]